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Group-Supplier for Petoleum Industries


PETRO ARSES FIDAR CO. is a trading company located in Tehran, specializing in the supply of industrial instruments, pipes, valves and fittings for oil, gas, petrochemical and refinery industries.

This company acts in various fields and with most commodities of all the main industries, including - mechanical and instrumentation. We have highly trained and experienced staff, fluent in English who could place vital links between suppliers and customers.

PETRO ARSES FIDAR has also established a trading office in Dubai, UAE. Benefitting our foreign trading office, we have access to thousands of products and manufacturers from around the world, ensuring a modern, reliable and responsive relationship between all parties in the supply chains world market.


We are authorized by A-T ARMATUREN-TECHNIK GMBH as their exclusive agent in Iran approved by German-Iranian chamber of industry and commerce.

A-T ARMATUREN-TECHNIK GMBH, is one of the most famous and reliable manufacturers of all kinds of industrial valves including manual valves, on-off valves and control valves.

Authorized by VERSASERVE

We are authorized by VERSASERVE to act exclusively as their counterpart and agent in our Dubai office.

This company is a well-known French manufacturer of industrial valves and portable valve test units.

Authorized by AHK

German-Iranian chamber of industry and commerce is one of the most active and dynamic chambers of commerce in Iran.

Being exclusive agent of A-T ARMATUREN-TECHNIK GMBH and having a satisfying turnover for this company, PETRO ARSES FIDAR has been authorized to be one of the members of this big organization.

Petro Arses Fidar Co

Group-Supplier for Petoleum Industries!